Genevieve’s Thanks to the Three Cups Team

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chairgenevieveDear AAUW Members,  Friends of AAUW, and all who lent their support, time, and energy to the One Book, One Community Read program Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

I want to thank all AAUW members for giving me the privilege of serving as Chairperson of this event.   I especially want to thank Randy Fewel for selecting me and asking me to serve in this capacity.  I was honored and highly moved to promote Greg Mortenson and his mission which became our mission.

For me, this journey was inspiring, emotional, and spiritual.  I plan to continue my friendships with all of you and especially the people I have met who are of Pakistani and Afghan descent.  I hope you do, too.

To all of you who participated by working on a committee or in some other way, I ’m sure you received and felt a personal enlightenment during this time.

To all of you who lent your support by attending, I know you felt inspired and motivated to continue Greg’s mission.

A real sense of bonding for our organization and our community came out of all our work and participation.   Let’s keep that bond.  We all made this project a success.

Genevieve Angelides

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