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AnVegMiracleBook for 2009-2010 is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

“A food culture is not something that gets sold to people. It arises out of a place, a soil, a climate, a history, a temperament, a collective sense of belonging.”
Barbara Kingsolver, from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Welcome to the website featuring the One Book, One Community reading adventure for 2009-2010, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by famed author Barbara Kingsolver.

According to Kingsolver, the book is: “Part memoir, part journalistic investigation. It tells the story of how our family was changed by one year of deliberately eating food produced in the place where we live.”

AAUW co-chairs Margery Leonard and Genevieve Angelides are hard at work to bring this book to Fremont in the form of book talks, recipe sharing and reader’s stories of growing and buying food locally. Stay tuned.


The Cooking with Kristin and Kingsolver Dinner was a Delicious Success.
Enjoy the recipes and the Photos.


Question Session with Marjery and Genevieve.
Let’s listen in


LindaAndersonLinda Anderson, principal of Fremont’s Oliviera Elementary School, led twelve attendees in animated conversation at the final Discussion Session.


LibraryIt’s What Our Grandmothers Knew
Many readers feel that much of what Animal, Vegetable, Mineral contains is knowledge that our grandmothers already knew.

Kingsolver3-cropUp Close and Personal
Five AAUW Members share their favorite parts of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle with Washington Township Club Members.

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About the Book and its Author

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has been a great critical success. “There are not many books,” wrote one reviewer, “of which can be said: this book changed my life, but this book is one of them.” The New York Times Book Review critic wrote this: “There are many ways for a writer to tell you to eat your vegetables: earnestly, humorously, scientifically, self-righteously, instructively or so voluptuously that the page practically reeks of fertilizer.” Read what critics across the country thought of the book.Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver, born April 18, 1955,has written 12 fiction and non-fiction books. Her most popular works of fiction are: The Poisonwood Bible and The Bean Trees. Here is some additional information about the life and work of this famous author.

Book Talk Schedule

Join in the conversation about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Here is a list of book talks for members to attend starting in October.

The Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Network

It takes a tremendous network to take a book like Animal, Vegetable Miracle and present it to our Fremont community. Here are the folks who are bringing this offering of the One Book, One Community Program to life.

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Sharing Recipes

Part of the Kingsolver family mantra is that food that is grown nearby and prepared in season tastes better and is better for you and the environment. Barbara Kingsolver’s daughter Camille put together a compendium of seasonal recipes for our enjoyment. Feel free to add your own recipes.

Farmer’s Markets and Homegrown Gardens

FarmersMarketWe are so lucky in California. There are a great many farmer’s markets in the Bay Area. Tell us if you know of others not mentioned here. Try a few of them out and tell us which ones you really liked and why. If you know of some that are not listed here that are really good, or even just more easily accessible to us locals, tell us about them too.

We are also interested in hearing about your efforts to get involved in growing your own food. Yes, we understand that very few of us have the time (or the skill) to create and maintain a real, live vegetable garden.

But there are other ways to get involved. For example, take a farm tour. Visit a U-Pick operation. Grow some herbs and spices in a big pot on the porch, then have a plant exchange with some of your friends.

Whatever you do, we’d like to hear about your experiences in finding new ways of incorporating your own naturally and locally grown food into your family’s diet.

See what others have to say, then use the form provided to email us a report or a suggestion.

We’ll publish it on the website.

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