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Tech Trek 2020 Camp Curie at Stanford University Campus was cancelled on account of Covid-19.

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The Fremont Branch sponsors seventh grade girls from the Tri-City area to attend Tech Trek each year. Girls are recommended by their Math and Science teachers and are selected through a rigorous application and interview process. The selected girls attend a one week residential camp at Camp Curie at the Stanford University Campus. For more information on Camp Curie visit

The Tech Trek scholarships, at $1000 per participant, are funded by the branch through donations from our members, supporters and local businesses that value the importance of gender equity in STEM. For more information on these scholarships in the Tri-city area, or to make a donation, contact

Tech Trek 2019 at Camp Curie@Stanford University
The six 2019 Tech Trekkers from Fremont, Newark and Union City

Months of preparation that commenced back in November 2018 culminated in two week of high energy, when seventy-four, 13 year old tech trekkers selected by AAUW branches from Monterey to Healdsburg and Palo Alto to Walnut Creek and Livermore across the bay gathered at the Stanford campus early July.This included our six tech trekkers selected from the tricity public schools who attended Camp Curie. The girls were closely supervised by dorm mom volunteers from various branches and returning tech trek alumni counselors. For five exhilarating days the girls engaged in STEM related core classes, heard from inspiring guest speakers from the STEM field,  learnt life skills like managing your money, took field trips to STEM related sites including Knightscope where they learnt about Intelligent ‘machine learning’ robots, had fun at the Stanford fountains, star gazed at astronomy night and got a taste of life in the Stanford dorms. Thanks to generous grants and donations, the camp re-introduced a Robotics workshop that all girls attended.

Branch members were invited to visit the camp on Thursday of camp week. President Kathy McDonald and former Tech Trek parent Geeta Prashar joined us on Branch visitors day and saw the ‘village’ of energy and enthusiasm created at the camp. Our 2019 Tech Trekkers will now take their place on our ‘Pathway to STEM’ and grow into leaders and mentors for younger girls locally. 

Tech Trek 2018: Tech Trek Alumni welcome the new Tech Trekkers
Tech Trek 2018: Photos from Camp Curie
Tech Trek 2019: Photos from Camp Curie

STEM Discovery Day/Pathways to STEM

STEM students in lab class

Since 1991 the Fremont Branch has sponsored STEM Discovery Day, a morning of fun and learning for girls in 3rd to 6th Grades and their mothers or other female adult role models. The program focuses on encouraging young girls to be excited about STEM through a series of hands-on STEM activities presented by professional women and alumnae of our Tech Trek program.  Mothers enjoy spending the morning with their daughters, and our Tech Trek alumnae have the opportunity to further explore and sustain their interest in STEM through high school while being a role model for the younger girls coming up the pipeline. We are proud of our returning mother/daughter pairs who attend the program from 3rd Grade through 6th Grade.

Girls just want to do STEM

In February 2020 we took our STEM Discovery Day on the road to Union City for the first time and was very well received by enthusiastic 3rd to 5th Graders. We worked very closely with New Haven Unified School District to make the program accessible specifically to young girls who may not have exposures to STEM outside of school. Details & Press Coverage here.

Senses and Smell STEM Discovery Day

What our STEM Discovery Day attendees say:

This is the most amazing event I can share with my girls. My 3rd grader had been telling her sister all about what she learned today!

I especially applaud the many young instructors who were given the opportunities to teach and show how poised, intelligent and well spoken they  all were for being high schoolers. Again, just loved it and my daughter loved it too.

It was our first time here..she want to come back and do all of them, tomorrow! Thank you for all your hard work, it was a wonderful experience! 

We are grateful to have such an inspiring girl-focused STEM event in our area.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.  

This is our last year for the Discovery Day, and so it was a little melancholy.  It has been wonderful to attend for the last 4 years, and has fostered so much discussion and creativity, giving a terrific sample of the fun of STEM pursuits.  Of all of the sessions, we most enjoyed the Planetarium (we did go 4 times!), and the teacher there is truly a treasure – different each time, relevant, fascinating, just love it.  Second favorite was the animal brains (last year or the year before?).  While the girls were very reticent in the beginning, by the end of the session they all were touching, inspecting and THINKING about brains, not just as zombie-food but something to be considered and studied.  The squeamishness disappeared, in no small part thanks to the young lady volunteers in the classroom.  Anabelle still talks about that class! Please do continue to provide this program, I truly believe it is the first time some of these young women consider this profession outside of their grade-school work, which as we know is not necessarily encouraging.  As an Engineering degreed woman, I am thankful for your group’s work in fostering the next generation of powerful, thoughtful women.

In February 2018, we  extended our  ‘STEM Pipeline’ program for girls to a ‘Pathway to STEM’ through high school, with an interactive panel discussion for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and parents. Panelists from the tech industry, current college students pursuing STEM, and high school juniors and seniors discussed how they continued to stay engaged in STEM as they moved through middle and high school and on to careers in STEM.

What our Pathways to STEM attendees say:

My daughter definitely felt the event gave her the right sources and it was encouraging for her to learn from girls who have been through it

As a parent, I felt the time well spent and the discussion very useful. It had very useful pointers as well as how engineering can be integrated with other sciences

STEM Discovery Day 2020-2021 Schedule

Our STEM Education Programs for 2020-2021 are currently on hold until the Covid-19 and the K-12 Education landscape stabilizes. We continue to monitor and stay current with the developing situation.

Tech Trek Pathway to STEM

Our Tech Trek alumni cohort team continue to support each other with online meetings and guest speakers as we navigate the Covid-19 landscape’

Email to be on our STEM email list and receive information directly.

Past Events:

5th and 6th Graders: Saturday Nov 4th 2017: See and Read what  they did and said
3rd and 4th Graders: Saturday Feb 24th 2018: See and Read what they did and said
3rd and 4th Graders: Saturday February 23rd,  2019: See and Read what they did and said

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At The End of the K-12 STEM Pipeline: Where Next

Congratulations to 2015 Tech Trekkers Smrithi and Vanshika who start college in fall 2020. They have both been pillars of our branch’s Pathway to STEM programs that we launched in 2016. This is a cohort group forum where Tech Trek alumni continue to mentor, develop, and support each other in the STEM pipeline, while engaging with and giving back to the local communities in the Tricity area through our STEM Education programs including STEM Discovery Day.

Good Luck to them on their continued journey on the STEM pipeline.

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