2020 – Year of the Woman: You’ve come a long way…

Tri-Cities Women of Influence

Celebrate Women’s History with some of our own.  Our branch, in conjunction with the LWV and the Washington Township Museum of Local History has produced a historical coloring book celebrating, Tri-Cities Women of Influence .  It’s a thought provoking introduction to some of the inspirational women who helped to create our little neck of the woods.  Enjoy and share this important work to preserve and perpetuate herstory!

Click here to download and print Tri-Cities Women of Influence Historical Coloring Book

Welcome from the Leadership Team

Dear Members, and prospective members,

     So many big ideas, so little time. 2020, the Year of the Woman is a singular opportunity for us to show we’ve come a long way…. We’ve not yet conquered our battle for equity, but we have come to be recognized as people who deserve equal treatment. Though making less than 80 cents for each dollar earned by a man, we are at a place in time when, as women, we can have the same jobs to be able to make the comparison, and know and care about the inequity. We’re not there, but we’ve come a long way.

     When thinking about what AAUW means, we recognize that it is I much more than the struggle for equity. To our members, AAUW is about empowerment, collegiality, support, and enlightenment through continual education, not only by activating our abilities, but by appreciating the abilities of others to inspire and enrich our lives.

     Join this vibrant branch in our mission to foster a better future for ourselves and all our sisters and daughters to come.

Kathy McDonald, President