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Branch History: The Fremont Branch of AAUW was organized in 1961 by a group of 13 local teachers. Fremont Branch’s founding members wanted to organize a group that would provide companionship for women with similar interests. The group researched several groups and associations, and decided to join the American Association of University Women and create a local branch. A major factor in the decision was that AAUW was not just a social club but provided an avenue to help others.

The first fundraisers were Christmas parties and dances, with husbands also participating. Another was a musical gala where the Fremont Branch partnered with an art association to showcase the musical talents of local youth. Fremont Branch handled the refreshments and received a share of the profits that were, in turn, donated to address the issues of the times.

In the 1980’s, the branch presented a yearly home tour at the holidays, which raised substantial donations for the Educational Foundation. Successful fundraising events in later years included fashion shows, performing arts events, and an authors’ tea. In recent years, an organized walk, dinners at local restaurants, and the sale of AAUW-themed items have helped to raise program funds.

Raising funds for the Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund as well as for local use, such as college scholarships and science camps, has continued to be a major emphasis for members.

Membership reached a high in the 1980’s, when nearly 300 local women were members of the Fremont Branch. Membership in AAUW dropped off substantially for some time after that, as women found more choices, and less time, for their involvement. A successful effort to revitalize the branch began in 2005.

Interest groups such as book and travel sections were popular from the beginning. The Fremont Branch continues to evolve a variety of new groups to provide members the opportunity to explore common interests. A recent example is provided by the well received “One Book One Community” Program launched earlier this year (2008) by the AAUW, the City of Fremont, and several other sponsors.

Continuing programs include a Math/Science Discovery Day for elementary school girls which is held each spring and fall.

Check the calendar section on the site for information on the current year’s programs and fundraisers.
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Fremont Branch Charter Members

These women founded the Fremont Branch of AAUW in 1961:

Gail Battle Margaret Loosmore Eldora Peters
Alice Docter Lavonna Neeman Marie Roth
Jan Gordon Marian Neeman Lucille Wood
Rita Harig Betsy McGrath

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Fremont Branch Honorary Life Member

Our Sincerest Congratulations go to Margaret Kingery for receiving honorary local branch, state and association Life Memberships. This award is given for outstanding commitment to the advancement of education and equity for women and girls through membership in AAUW for fifty years. The Fremont Branch is honored to have Margaret as one of our dedicated members.
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Branch Presidents 1983-2014

Years Branch President
2014-13 Marylouise Bailey, Linda Pearson
2013-12 Elaine Eakin, Randy Fewel, Kathy Garfinkle, Janice Longo, Mary Lynn Pelican, Elin Thomas
2012-11 Helen Yu, Jo Szeto
2011-10 Jeanne Delp, RoseMarie Everett, Shirley Gilbert, Carolyn Hedgecock, Sara Hinkel, Jo Szeto
2010-09 Jeanne Delp, RoseMarie Everett, Kathy Garfinkle, Carolyn Hedgecock, Mary Lynn Pelican
2009-07 Randy Fewel
2007-05 Mary Lynn Pelican
2005-04 Committee
2004-02 Patricia Bagwell
2002-01 Miriam Keller & Liz Poe
2001-1999 Leadership Team
1999-98 Kathy Bray & Alyson Kieft
1998-97 K. Alyson
1997-96 Judy Wolf & K. Alyson
1996-95 Judy Wolf
1995-94 Rita Hammer
1994-93 Erin Snider
1993-92 Liz Poe & Jan Van de Werfhorst
1992-90 Miriam Keller
1990-89 Kathy Garfinkle
1989-88 Elin Thomas
1988-87 Harriet Despeaux

Fremont Branch Presidents 1982-61

Years Branch President
1987-86 Leslie Graves
1986-85 Judy Woldin
1985-84 Dana Cagaanan
1984-83 JoAnn Houk
1983-82 Sue Fuller
1982-81 Genieve Angelides
1981-80 Joyce Holbrook
1980-79 Pat Vlastelica
1979-78 Janice Longo
1978-77 Carol Tibbits
1977-76 Claire McDonald
1976-75 Eleanor Haskell
1975-74 Pat Cavenaugh
1974-73 Fran Stone
1973-72 Ruth Edwards
1972-71 Joyce Wallace
1971-70 Robin Nelson
1970-69 Sherril Spellman
1969-68 Ruth Peterson
1968-67 Kathy Himelhoch
1967-66 Nancy Duggan
1966-65 Dolores Mueller
1965-64 Beverly Redgewick
1964-63 Thelma Barrick
1963-62 Alice Docter
1962-61 Lucille Wood

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