Giggling with the Columnists

Giggling with the Columnists – April 30, 2013


  • Idea:
    • Dave Barry, Pulitzer prize-winning American author, best seller, and columnist with the Miami Herald, has kept readers laughing from 1983 to today.  He’s written non-fiction humorous books, a huge collection of columns, many funny works of fiction, and film adaptations.   He was even part of The Rock Bottom Remainders band with our own Barbara Kingsolver.  He’s also run for president a number of times – and you may have noticed he has never won.
    • In this book talk we will discuss the life, times and works of this son of a Presbyterian Minister and discover what about his work makes us laugh.
    • Other columnists we could discuss:  Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris, etc.
  • Books:  Barry has written a slew of books that were best sellers.  To name a few:The Taming of the Screw (1983);
    Dave Barry’s Guide to Marriage and/or Sex (1987);
    Dave Barry Does Japan (1992);
    My Teenage Son’s Goal in Life is to Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old (2001);
    I’ll Mature When I’m Dead (2010).
  • Erma Bombeck’s books include:
    At Wit’s End;
    If Like is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing with the Pits?
  • Venue:  Fremont Main Library, Fukaya Room
  • Date:  April 30
  • Possible Leader:  An amusing columnist in our area who enjoys the work of Dave Barry or one of our members who likes Dave Barry.   Also a funny columnist in the local papers.
  • Team:  Shirley Gilbert, Kathy Garfinkle

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