Speech Trek

AAUW California Speech TrekSpeech Trek is an AAUW California Project that begins at the branch level with a speech tournament for local high school students and culminates with three top statewide finalists delivering their 5-6-minute speeches at the AAUW California convention/annual meeting in April. See: https://www.aauw-ca.org/category/aauw-ca-projects/speech-trek/

The 2021-2022 Speech Trek Topic: Click Here

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  School children have been reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for nearly a century. What began as an advertising lark in 1923 has evolved to a patriotic act in 46 states. ¹ [¹ “How the Pledge of Allegiance Went from PR Gimmick to Patriotic Vow”, by Amy Crawford, Smithsonian Magazine, September, 2015]

Has the US lived up to its pledge of liberty and justice for all? Would requiring the study of diversity, equity and inclusion in a high school setting help ensure liberty and justice for all?

AAUW Fremont Branch Local Contest Rules and Deadlines: Coming Soon

AAUW California State Contest Rules and Deadlines:

The First-Place winner from our Fremont branch contest will have her/his videotaped speech placed on YouTube and submitted to the State level Contest by March 1, 2022 for the State competition. From the videos entered into the State competition, two Contestants will be named as Honorable Mentions and receive $250 as the 4th place winner and $150 as the 5th place winner. The top three state finalists will be invited to compete for cash prizes at the AAUW CA State Convention/Annual Meeting. Date to be announced, subject to COVID restrictions. The First-Place winner at the State Contest will receive $1500; Second Place winner at the State Contest will receive $1000 and Third Place winner at the State Contest will receive $500. Finalists and a chaperone will be invited to the State Convention/Annual Meeting. If Meeting is held live, travel expenses, lodging, and meals will be reimbursed by Speech Trek not to exceed approved budget.