The Irrepressible Charlie Chaplin

The Irrepressible Charlie Chaplin – June 1 and 2


  • Idea:
    • According to historian Gerald Mast, “Charles Chaplin is the greatest film artist in motion-picture history.  He is to the movies what Shakespeare is to the drama.”  He’s also very funny.
    • What is it that still makes audiences laugh at all the antics of The Little Tramp?  Chaplin himself has said:  “ To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.”   We will find out what it is about the humor of Chaplin that delights us to this day.
    • We will do this at the Edison Theater in Niles, former home of the Essanay Movie Studio, as part of the Niles Chaplin Days held this year on June 1 and 2.  We willl join the group to be part of the two-day event.
    • Before the discussion we will be treated to Chaplin’s funniest films.  Popcorn and drinks will be served.   There will be a small charge.
  • Recommended Books:  There are a slew of books associated with the life, times and humor of Charlie Chaplin.
  • Venue:  Edison Theater in Niles, Fremont.
  • Date:  June 1 and 2, 2013
  • Possible Leader for the Discussion:  Rena Kiehn will be an excellent discussion leader for this evening.   She will also make the two-day event happen.
  • Team:  Margery Leonard, Kris Sandoe, Anne MacLeod and Shirley Gilbert.

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